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We know how difficult and frustrating it is for writers trying to crack into the business. 

Let us share with you a brief history.  We had an idea for a feature film.  We collaborated on a script and received a "recommend" rating by a respected script analyst with a major production company.  We had a lot of passion for the material and shopped it around.  We were able to get into a lot of doors and have the script read by production companies, major talent agencies, A-list talent and a studio executive.  It was an exhilarating ride, but we fell short.  Getting through doors was not easy.   We learned what most of you writers learn every day; how difficult it is to have your material reviewed let alone make a breakthrough. 

We learned that you need a great script and you need great contacts.  

We understand the dilemma.   You seemingly need an agent to get anybody to read your script.  And yet all the agencies seem to not be taking on new clients.  Now that's a dilemma.   And that's where we come in.

We at Philantos love good stories and good motion pictures.   We will identify  stories we can become passionate about and we will help turn them into films for the big screen....or, just try to get them sold for the writer!  :)

It all starts with the wonderful and compelling story. 

Screenplay authors, if you want us to consider your script, enter the title, major plot line, and theme of your story below.  There is no cost to the screenwriters for our panelists to review your material.

We only accept story submissions via the form below; we do not accept story submissions via email.




Title of Work: 

Please tell us your story's major plot line in one sentence.

Please tell us the underlying theme of your story in one sentence.


I recognize that your files are replete with ideas and stories for theatrical motion pictures and that new ideas for motion pictures are constantly being submitted to you or being developed by you. I also recognize that many stories and ideas are similar and often different stories and ideas relate to one or more common underlying themes and story elements. 

We'll strive to contact you within thirty days (hopefully sooner) if your project will be considered for further review;  due to the volume of submissions we will no longer send an email to all writers who submit story concepts.  Please see the below Facebook plug-in for monthly updates of our review process.  For your comfort level we recommend you copyright your story and register it with the Writers Guild of America

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